Professional Program (150 Units)

PAIC-IELTS Learning Preparation Programs - Professional Program (150 Units)

Professional Program (150 Units)

A comprehensive, in-depth program tailored for candidates aiming for excellence in their IELTS journey.

Initial Mock Test:

Start with a simulated IELTS test to ascertain your current level, identifying strengths and pinpointing areas needing improvement.

Foundation Training:

Dive deep into core concepts and strategies essential for IELTS success. Cover all four sections - Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Listening with specialized materials and interactive lessons.

Diverse Practice Materials:

Access a vast library of updated practice resources, ranging from topic-specific worksheets to full-length mock tests.

Test Series:

Within our Professional Program, we've stratified our test series into three distinctive levels - Elementary, Intermediate, and Ultimate. Candidates select the segment most appropriate for their current skill set. This varied test approach guarantees that by the end of the program, participants are thoroughly prepared to tackle the IELTS exam with confidence.

Ten Specialized IELTS Training Sessions:

Engage in ten intensive sessions, led by seasoned IELTS instructors, focusing on each IELTS section, common challenges, and strategies to tackle them.

Inclusive Orientation Session:

Begin your preparation with a thorough orientation, familiarizing you with the program's structure, objectives, and expectations.

Aim: Designed to not just prepare candidates but to truly empower them, enabling the acquisition of top IELTS scores.