Elite Program (30 Units)

PAIC-IELTS Learning Preparation Programs - Elite Program (30 Units)

Elite Program (30 Units)

A streamlined, expert-guided program for candidates comfortable with self-preparation but seeking strategic guidance.

Simulated IELTS Mock Test:

Set the stage with a mock test replicating the IELTS exam environment, offering a realistic gauge of your readiness.

28 Customized Tests:

Comprehensive testing materials spanning all IELTS sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. These tailor-made tests, designed by IELTS experts, are calibrated to progressively challenge you, ensuring proficiency across all skill areas.

Five Expert-led IELTS Training Sessions:

Five focused sessions where seasoned instructors delve into advanced strategies, common pitfalls, and expert tips. Each session is meticulously designed to ensure you master the nuances of every IELTS section.

Inclusive Orientation Session:

Embark on your Elite journey with an in-depth orientation. Understand the program's essence, its structure, and how to maximize its offerings for optimal outcomes.

Expert-guided Self Learning:

This program emphasizes autonomous learning, offering you carefully selected materials, meticulously designed assignments, and regular progress assessments. It seamlessly blends the autonomy of self-paced study with the structured guidance of seasoned experts.

Aim: Empower candidates for autonomous learning while offering the invaluable guidance of IELTS experts to navigate their preparation journey.